I leave my house at the strange Nikolaiviertel village and head straight away from Alex as quickly as possible, under the S-bahn bridge at Hackesher Markt and up Rosenthaler Strasse. Crossing Torstrasse and heading up Brunnenstrasse, I go say hi to my favorite Goff&Rosenthal employee, then continue my walk straight up Brunnenstrasse until Bernauer Strasse. Hang a left, cross the street, and it's gallery employee #2 at Feinkost. Maybe I use the restroom, maybe not; I bid him adieu and head down Bernauer Strasse, due east until Nordbahnhof. Further east down Invalidenstrasse I poke my head into Program to find employee-friend #3, maybe I check my email on his computer, maybe not; maybe we get a coffee across the street, maybe not. I say byebye and make a left onto Chauseestrasse, moving on a few blocks until Wilde Gallery to see friends #4, 5 & 6. An espresso and a cookie later, back to the street and heading home, down Chauseestrasse/Friedrichstrasse, left onto Oranienburger Strasse, through Hackesher Markt again and, passing Marks&Engel, maybe I sit on a bench and read for a while in the sun, maybe not. All in a day's work.

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submitted by JN, 23 year old male
2-5 hours, walking, 3-4 times a week