"The starting point: every morning I walk to my car - the start of the route varies due to parking places but it is usually around the Helmholtz Platz. I load the car with lots of useless and useful things and start driving towards Alexanderplatz, trying to avoid the numerous Prenzlauer Berg construction sites. At a particular traffic light near Alexander Platz I meet the usual bunch of gypsies who insist on cleaning my window every time, every day! You have to scream at them to avoid having your window smeared with some bizarre home made water-soap mixture, shaking your head or ignoring them is no use. Afterwards I scream at the design of the new pink shopping center named Alexa while driving past it. Then its the last gamble: which lane over the Jannowitzbr├╝cke have they closed off today and will I be able to reach my place of work? Happy touring!"

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submitted by MM, 30 year old female architect
20 min, car, daily