My itinerary to work is lasting about 35 min, but these are significant as they can make me in a very joyful mood (or the contrary!). When coming out of home, the light, air and temperature gives me a first impression of what the day would be or could be. Then, I pass the entrance of the S-Bahn and walk to the other side of the platform in order to enjoy the sun for a few seconds or minutes. In undergrounds, I love looking at people: what they do, what they wear, how they behave, what they look like thinking or feeling... imagine thousands of stories about the faces and lives I cross every morning. And then, after changing of underground line at Schönhauser Allee, I arrive to my U-Bahn final destination Spittelmark.

Either I go through the shadow street Neue Grünstrasse to get a croissant, or I take the sunny Seydelstrasse and I put on my sunglasses. On the way, I always wonder about those empty spaces, where wild flora is growing and informal gatherings seem to be taking place at night - how much empty space there is in Berlin! I pass some of the "Stumbling Blocks", an initiative of the artist Gunter Blocks, which either brings me in mind some dark thoughts or reminds me how marked the city is by its own history.

Then, I am already walking along this huge brick building which host the German Bundesdrukerei where all german passports are made, among others. At the cross of Alte Jakobstrasse and Oranienstrasse, most of the time I look at bikers passing, as the traffic light last for a long time before pedestrians can cross. Then, there is this office, where people always smoke outside and I still wonder what kind of office this could be. I end my day trip by crossing many art works in the Berlinische Galerie to reach my desk: I feel privileged!

submitted by TC, 24 year old female
35 min, S-Bahn, U-Bahn & walking, daily